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Courageous growth for successful leaders
who want to embody a life of fulfilment.

My name is Jonny Driscoll and I am the Authentic Fulfilment Coach for successful leaders who want to embody love, wisdom and charisma in their families and communities.


the art of fulfilment


"From the moment you were born, your mind and body started to accumulate things (having), learn things (doing) sense things (being) and crave things (desiring). The art of fulfilment is to balance all of these embodied capacities.


I will show you how to do this."

What is executive Embodiment?

Are you gifted, intelligent and successful, AND yet recognise there is more to life than achieving?

Most people are trapped in patterns of thoughts and patterns of activity. In this way there is little space for authenticity.

I help successful people access the intelligence mechanisms of their heart, mind and body, so they can show up in their families and communities with love, wisdom and charisma; and go from chasing success and pleasure to embodying fulfilment.

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"Jonny's sessions are a life philosophy, they are a 'whole' experience, including body, mind and soul. His teaching is a unique combination of playfulness and drilling down to the very detail that is needed for the next big 'Aha!' moment. They have changed my life, business and relationships in the best way possible."



Dr Britta Bibel | Founder Ensomatic Alliances

Signature Programs



Jonny's offers two signature programs:

Wholehearted Champions (1-1 Coaching 4 months)

Experience absolute clarity for all decisions and situations no matter how challenging they seem. 

Embodied Dance Leadership (Live Webinar 10 hours)

Inspire yourself and others through embodied leadership practices and cultivate lasting transformation.


Wholehearted champions

Picture yourself as a Wholehearted Champion.

- You love, accept and celebrate yourself more than ever before.

- Your business is thriving, and you authentically love to be at work.

- Your physical energy level and bank balance is rising day by day.

- You resonate with a vibration that captivates everyone around you.

- Your relationships flow with generosity, joyfulness and intimacy.

- You compassionately protect your time and other sacred things in your life.

- You are never distracted from your path no matter what challenges arise.

- You own a level of clarity that makes decision making easy for yourself and those around you.

Learn the 4-Keys of Authentic Fulfilment that will take you from a lifestyle of chasing success and pleasure to authentically feeling and expressing love, wisdom and charisma.

Duration: 4 months

Format: 1-1 Coaching and holistic treatments

Investment: CHF5555 (or 4x CHF1500 monthly payments)

Wholehearted Champions is the signature transformation program of Executive Embodiment.

Watch the keynote

In this Short Keynote from the EXPERT SPEAKER retreat in Budapest, learn the 4-Keys of Authentic Fulfilment and the coaching practices I have been using for over a decade.

Seeking Success

Authentic Fulfilment


Embodied Dance Leadership

Awaken inner body wisdom with tools and modalities that empower.

This immersive learning experience, rooted in theory and practice, equips you with the tools to go deep into an embodied state of being and craft your own transformative sessions for others. ​


At the end of this course you will feel confident, creative and empowered to share your dance and embodiment wisdom with the world.

Dive into an immersive way to develop leadership through dance. Created from 12-years experience of teaching dance, leading groups, practicing mindfulness, and studying theories of movement-analysis.


This course is a culmination of collected wisdom, collected experience and profound insights.

Duration: 10 hours + 30 days of follow up integration

Format: Live webinars on Zoom (including session recordings)

Investment: CHF675

Embodied Dance Leadership is a fusion of study, experience, and innovation.

What is embodied Dance?

After 10 hours of coaching, immersive experiences, intellectual shifts, partner sharing, creative thinking and Q&A. Your confidence to dance and your leadership to teach embodiment will be flowing abundantly, as will your radiance of joy.


In this video I explain the 4-Pillars of Embodied Dance. This teaching methodology is a collection of 12 years of experience in creating safe dance spaces that enable ANYONE to practice embodiment, and learn how to sense and interpret their body wisdom.

Additional Services

In additional to 1-1 coaching, Jonny can design, host and facilitate in a number of ways. The format of Executive Embodiment can be adapted to group workshops, team retreats, curriculum design and product development.

Embrace the power and wisdom of your body



"Embodiment is the awareness and expression of your body sensations.


Most people are not aware of the wisdom available from subtle body sensations, and the charismatic potential when these sensations are expressed.


I help successful people understand their body and channel wisdom through their expression."

Coaching Practices

My fulfilment coaching is divided into four categories of embodied practices; stillness practices, dynamic practices, mind-flow practices and body-flow practices. Each type of practice allows different possibilities to upgrade your knowledge, awareness, mindset and life-force energy. The secret and skill to my coaching is to select the right practice for each step in your transformation.


Stillness Practices


Stillness practices are when the mind and body are in a predominant state of receiving, such as:

Meditation and Energywork


Mind-Flow Practices


Psychic-flow practices are when the mind is predominantly in a state of activity and the body predominantly in a state of receiving, such as:

Visualisation and Inquiry


Dynamic Practices


Dynamic practices are when the mind and body are in a predominant state of activity, such as:


Training & Skill Aquisition


Body-Flow Practices


Physical-flow practices are when the mind is predominantly in a state of receiving and the body predominantly in a state of activity, such as:

Sport and Movement

Take your first step

To create the life you want tomorrow, you need to make decisions today that are different from yesterday.

Your journey towards authentic fulfilment is an ongoing process that moves and slides flexibly as you navigate new terrain.


Through Executive Embodiment I teach 4-Key Strategies so that you have executive level tools to master your experience of life whatever the universe has waiting for you.



+41 784 007 768



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