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become a wholehearted champion


Jonny Driscoll is the Authentic Fulfilment Coach for successful people who want to become wholehearted champions in their families and communities.

As a Wholehearted Champion you are deeply connected to, and accountable for, your level of authentic fulfilment; and you own up to moments when you fall out of integrity with yourself.

Authentic Fulfilment

After achieving success, many people develop subtle forms of depression or disease due to a lack of authentic fulfilment.

The catch is that authentic fulfilment is different for everyone; for you, it could mean buying a Ferrari and for another person it could mean riding a bicycle. It is not for me to tell you what authentic fulfilment looks like for you.


Instead, I can teach you the 4-Keys of Authentic Fulfilment to decipher this for yourself.

Authentic Fulfilment

Wholehearted Champions

Personal Success

Depression and Disease

Inauthentic Fulfilment

The 4-keys

Over the last decade of my work I have distilled my teaching methodologies into four categories of coaching practices, these are: Dynamic Practices, Mind-Flow Practices, Body-Flow Practices and Stillness Practices.


I design bespoke workshops using these four categories of practice that upgrade your 4-Keys of Authentic Fulfilment. This unique methodology that I have devised gives you superhuman-like powers to decipher the behaviours, interactions and decisions that generate authentic fulfilment for you.

1. Soft Heart

The capacity to sense a life-force energy that guides your experiences towards higher levels of love and gratitude.


2. Clear Mind

The clear observation and subjective theoretical assessment of all incoming information.

3. Silent Body

The conscious awareness of body sensations and energy that flows within and around us.

4. Intuition

An instantaneous knowing gathered from all types of intelligence in alignment and conclusion.

Watch the keynote

There are three messages within the upcoming video:

1. You will learn about the 'Success Trap' a decision making process that leads successful people into lacking fulfilment.

2. You will hear my story of recognising myself as a 'Wholehearted Champion' and living with absolute fulfilment.

3. I explain the 4-Keys of Authentic Fulfilment that are our intelligence mechanisms that govern our path to fulfilment.


4. I share my personal Coaching Practices that I use to take people from a place of seeking success, to experiencing authentic fulfilment.

Wholehearted Champions

Imagine after 4 months... Every area of your life increased 10x in value; your energy levels are significantly higher, your bank balance is rising, you've attracted better quality relationships, your emotions are stable and your mind is calm. You live a consciously embodied and authentically fulfilling life and everyone around you is looking at you with curiosity, admiration and celebration. "How did you do it?"


The 4-Keys of Authentic Fulfilment upgrade your heart, mind, body and intuitive intelligence so that you show up as a Wholehearted Champion in every environment. Whatever challenges come, you approach them with love, wisdom and charism.

Duration: 4 months 

Format: 1-1 Coaching, worksheets, tasks and additional treatments

Investment: CHF8000 (or 4x CHF2200 monthly payments)

Package: 32 hours of 1-1 coaching with Jonny plus worksheets and additional body-integration treatments.

Wholehearted Champions is the signature transformation program of Executive Embodiment.

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become A wholehearted champion

There are 4 Steps in the process of becoming a Wholehearted Champion. Each step is designed to fine-tune our skill of Executive Embodiment and upgrades our capacity for authentic fulfilment.


Step 1: Embodied Self Awareness


Outcome: Observe and distinguish feedback from our heart, mind and body separately, and be able to see and describe the internal and external landscape as-it-is.


Background: Our body is a container for our energy, which is constantly moving towards expression. So energy moving from inside the body, to outside the body, can be described as self-expression. Our patterns of self-expression, inform and reflect our character, behaviours and decisions.


Skill 2: Embodied Behaviour Analysis


Outcome: Develop a language to describe the distinctions between heart, mind and body intelligence, so as to be able to isolate behaviours and choose new ways of showing up in the world.


Background: Embodied self awareness is the capacity to sense movement of energy throughout the body in real-time, and interpret the most truthful path for self-expression. Think of energy as the messenger of your truth and your new language as the interpreting voice of this message.


Skill 3: Embodied Social Awareness

Outcome: Communicate awareness in a way that enrols others through integrity, compassionate authority and charisma.


Background: Embodied social awareness is an intelligence for communicating Self whilst enrolling others. It requires total surrender of the ego to humble, vulnerable authenticity.



Skill 4: Embodied Intuition


Outcome: Embody and integrate wisdom into your overall field of intelligence so as to unlock trust and courage in others.

Background: Embodied intuition is a level of somatic wisdom combined with other degrees of intelligence that radiate leadership and inspire others. It is the celebration of an energetic clarity that inspires ease, productivity and efficiency; and is experienced as the purest form of compassionate authority. As an executive leader with responsibilities and power to impact the world, this is our goal.


Executive Embodiment


As an embodied executive you will be able to access the full spectrum of heart, mind, body and intuitive intelligence allowing you to live the life you desire with ease and authority. People around you will volunteer to support your purpose and mission as they trust and enrol in your new authentic clarity and generous leadership practices.


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